Our Mission and Values

Our Mission

Our 1Card Solutions are dedicated to being your trusted partner, delivering the best possible service and technology for clients, their customers, and the education industry.  Our proud history, passionate commitment and expertise are what drive our company and staff to be an asset for your business.  With our Service Never Rests attitude, we provide the highest level of customer service letting your institution focus on the relationships that matter most – those between you, your students and your communities.


Our Core Values

In all of our relationships, we will demonstrate unwavering commitment to our core values.

Service Excellence

Service excellence is more than what we provide, it’s how we think and act. It’s more than just fixing a problem; it is prompt responses, consistent communication, quality information, and a focus on providing a superior customer experience each and every time.  Our Service Never Rests culture is what drives our commitment to our clients.



Innovation is about bringing ideas to life.  We recognize that performance through improvements in efficiency, productivity, and quality is linked to innovation.  We believe that advancement and improvement is driven by the needs of our users and the marketplace and we will continuously strive to ensure our solutions bring value to our clients and their customers.



Together everyone achieves more.  We support productive teams that share common goals, a common vision and work in an unselfish manner.  As a team, we are driven by collaboration, respect, communication and accountability while recognizing that everyone has their own unique role that must be respected and appreciated.


Continuous Growth and Learning

We embrace perpetual growth and development, continuous learning and constant improvement.  We encourage opportunities where learning and improvement enables talented people to realize their full potential to create an environment where a constant flow of great ideas and interactive processes drives our organization forward.


Organizational Integrity

We are an organization that lives true to our commitment of integrity and trust.  We follow through on our promises and provide consistently superior results with humility.